Carrizo Creek, Palm Desert, California

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My last day at Spring Training Camp in Palm Desert allowed me a day off the bike and an opportunity to hike in the Desert with Kris and Susan.  Once we arrived at the trailhead and proceeded on our hike, it became quickly evident that the girls and I had two separate agendas….  They came to power hike and I came to shoot photography.  We quickly had a pinky truce and they power hiked off into the distance while I began shooting.

David BeckPalm DesertDSC03028

David BeckPalm DesertDSC03032

David BeckPalm DesertDSC02953

Playing with focus and aperture in these next two images.  Which do you prefer?

David BeckPalm DesertDSC02974

David BeckPalm DesertDSC02973

David BeckPalm DesertDSC02979

Desert flowers!  There has been a lot of rain here and the temperatures are cool.  I figure they are about 10 days from all the wild flowers exploding.

David BeckPalm DesertDSC02947_1

David BeckPalm DesertDSC02943

David BeckPalm DesertDSC02926

David BeckPalm DesertDSC02935

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