W G Jones State Forest, The Woodlands, Texas

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Hi All Y’all!  One thing I have learned down here in Texas is that Y’all is singular and that All Y’all is plural.   It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been working behind the scenes to improve my photography organization and image management. I was told early on in my photography career that I would turn into a cat lady…. you start off with a few images here and there, then a few more every day and soon you end up with a house full of cats!   I’m currently trying to deal with my feline issues!   I will be out shooting full time soon and promise some good stuff coming down the pipe in December and on into the Spring……so stay tuned!

After a huge cycling weekend, I’m out for an easy recovery ride on my mountain bike.  I snapped a few shots to give all y’all a look at my second autumn season which is in full swing here!






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