I’m always trying to improve my photography, I’m not sure which I am learning slower, French or Photography…. I practice both almost every day and suck equally at both!

Here are some images with different flash settings.  In all, we did about 20 photos of the same subject different setting each time.  So many different light variables!

David Beck Flash Class DSC01951

David Beck Flash Class DSC01948

David Beck Flash Class DSC01947

David Beck Flash Class DSC01949

Here is a little fun with a super slow shutter speed.  Notice how the person waving the iPhone light disappears when they move during slow shutter speed?  Cool huh!

David Beck Flash Class DSC01974

Same idea with a flash thrown in at the end, makes our instructor into a ghost!  The student by the door held more still so his image is less ghost like.  Tomorrow, I’m taking a course on night time photography which should be cool.  Stay tuned for that!

David Beck Flash Class DSC01976

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