Stage 22 Sommieres to Uzes

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So I know that all of you see an immediate problem with my blog post today!!!  Of course the Tour de France only has 21 stages and I am on to Stage 22!  Well, I think most of you know by now that I pretty much over do everything when it comes to cycling!  Today brings some bitter sweet feelings, my nomadic days are about to end.  Tomorrow, Stage 23 will be my last stage of this cross country tour.  Although a bit uncomfortable at first, over the last 30 days I have found some normalcy to this voyage.  I look forward to the new day’s adventure on the bike and have great anticipation for what the ride might bring.  Tomorrow will be the end to this journey….. all be it at a small villa in a beautiful Provincial village where I will spend the next 2 ish weeks at the base of Mont Ventoux.   That should be good therapy for transitioning back normal life!

Today’s ride started out as nothing special, could have easily been an Eagle Loop back in Idaho.  After a couple incredible days in the hills above Montpellier, my bar has been set fairly high!  After an hour or so on a relatively busy road through fairly mundane scenery, I made a right turn back into cycling paradise.





Time for a George’s Commercial.  Georges, if you buy your bike here, you will never get a flat!  Stopped about halfway at this cute little bakery and got a coffee and Pain au chocolat which might explain why I seem to be gaining a little weight over here….


Sometimes it feels like you are riding up someone’s driveway the roads are so private!


Arrived at Uzes which is a quaint village.  Stopped at a small cafe for lunch and met Ernesto.  Its great meeting other people from vastly different parts of the world that share the same passion.  Ernesto left his home in Switzerland last week and is working his way to Spain.  There, he is meeting up with some friends for a week of riding.  Bon Voyage Ernesto!  Safe travels!  After Ernesto departed, I visited with a wonderful couple from New Zealand at the next table.  They are staying 9 weeks in Uzes and then heading to Provence for a cycling trip.   Bon vacances mon amis!


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