Stage 21 Saint Guilhem le Desert to Sommieres

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Today was my longest and hardest stage of the trip.  Just about 4 hours of ride time with tons of climbs.  I started early and had a little snafu with my GPS which had me navigating the old fashion way, with a map.  This added a little adventure to the ride.  I later figured out that pilot error was to blame for the GPS problems.  Seems like every day now I am saying how this is a top 5 ride of all time….. Today actually may have been the best road ride ever!  So good!  Enjoy my pictures, sorry I don’t have more but once I fixed the GPS, I put the map and camera in my pocket and just soaked it in.  If there is a bike heaven, god’s house is somewhere in this neighborhood.  Every serious cyclist needs to ride this area at least once in their life!

Here are a couple more images of Saint Guilhem le Desert before I move on, one of the most beautiful villages in France!



Now to todays ride:






It was a Tuesday morning and I bet I saw 100 cyclist!


Went through an area that was quite different for France, very volcanic and sparse, except for cyclist!


Talked to one of the locals here, super nice guy! I told him he lived in one of the best cycling places in the world….. he just smiled from ear to ear!


This is a 5 k decent unlike I have ever done…. the scale is tough to tell but it is only about 10 feet wide.  Twisted and turned upon itself at about a 5 percent grade.  As you can see, butter pavement.






IMG_E8426Sommieres is a really cool little village, Im here tonight.



Here is my blog patio outside my room!



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