Stage 17 Carcassonne to Siran

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Today started off as the first of a 7 day training block with limited stops and pictures…… it was like the old Mike Tyson line: “everybody has a plan until they get hit”. Sure I had plenty of hard efforts and made my first assault on a real mountain since October but….. it was so amazingly beautiful that there were beaucoup photo stops!  I basically rode straight south out of Carcassonne into the foothills of the Pyrenees. Voire  s’il vous plaît!







A07D8632-08D5-4C6C-B2FC-B45F7F1A831FOne last canal du midi photo as I passed over!


I’m feeling so much better now that I’m wanting to ditch the heavy touring bike for something more sporty!  I contacted my tour company Discover France and they arranged to have this shinny new mountain climbing machine dropped off at my hotel tonight!!  Starting tomorrow, it’s time to rip!  Thank you Maggie!   My trip to this point has been amazingly seemless. Big shout out to Maggie and all the Staff at Discover France!  You guys are awesome!


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