ACE Basin, Caw Caw Nature Area, & Angel Oak Park – South Carolina

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Today it was the South Carolina Triathlon! Kyaking at the ACE Basin Wildlife Preserve followed by a hike at Caw Caw Nature Area, then a rouge tourist stop at the Angel Oak.

ACE Basin is a very cool watery wildlife preserve and we had a fine tour by our guides John and Eric.

John was regrettable from that school in central Ohio so we took every thing he said with a grain of salt.

Cool dead snag.

We heard some banjo music and soon came upon this fishing hut. Luckily the music was coming from inside so we just kept paddling….a little more briskly than before.

At the Caw Caw Nature Area we came upon this cool Cypress Swamp with lots of knees.

The preserve is on an old plantation and you could make out an old dike that separated the former rice fields from the brackish river water on the left.

After some skillful driving, we talked Jack into going rouge and detouring over to see the Angel Oak.

The Angel Oak is a 300 year old Live Oak that has a 25 foot trunk and a 17,000 square foot canopy. It is the largest oak east of the Mississippi, at least that’s what it said on the internet so it must be true.

It was so big that I used my pano camera to capture the whole thing, you can just make out the people under neither it for scale.

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