Snowdon Peak – Valley County, Idaho

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Snowdon is an annual early season tradition as many of my readers know. It starts off at the end of the plowed Lick Creek Road only a couple of mile out of McCall.

A bit of walking on the snowmobile track, then it is time to put on the fashionable snowshoes.

Art had not been up this route but was happy to tell us where we should go.

The warm rocks underneath the snow pack melt the snow and create these amazing ice waterfalls.

Ruby joined us today and was happy to be out. She has been up Snowdon many times.

More ice!

After a good hard effort, we were on top, It felt more like February than April up here.

The clouds were threatening and the forecast called for rain so we better not hang out too long.

Ruby insisted on a photo shoot. It has been a while.

She is a natural and never forgets how to model. What a great afternoon with my friends Art, Craig, Dakota, and Ruby!

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