Boise Foothills Mountain Bike Ride – Idaho

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One final stop on my trek back to McCall to meet up with my ride buddies Tom and Barb. I spent almost 20 years riding the foothills of Boise and know them will. April is generally a great time to ride here. This particular view of Tom’s butt is one I also know well as for those 20 years I chased him all over these hills.

The foothills of Boise offer a much different riding style than I have been doing over the last couple months. Long sustained climbs are followed by a long decent back to the valley floor. My climb muscles were struggling so as I slipped off the back, I use my photography as an excuse to get recovered.

Downtown Boise, Idaho.

My friends are all well trained to patiently wait for me.

After climbing up this trail, which defiantly does not have any hike-a-bike sections, we ran into the receding snow line. Luckily the top of our ride is just over this ridge. I have learned that generally this time of year, the snow level moves up the mountain about 500 feet a week. We are at about 4000 feet here so hopefully McCall will be mostly snow free in a couple weeks….

After we crested the ridge we started our long decent back down to Boise. On a new trail right above downtown, I made Tom and Barb stop so I could set up a Chamber of Commerce photo shoot.

What a great way to wrap up my cross country journey. Time for a cup of coffee and the final 2 hour drive back home.

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