Skip Barber Racing School – COTA, Austin Texas

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Now for something new and totally different! My son Michael has a 3 day driving school at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. As I mentioned in my previous blog, this was our special mission!

After being here at COTA for the F1 race last fall, it was pretty cool to have the run of the place in the Skip Barber Bubble.

I arrived just in time in the afternoon to watch his first lapping session under the guidance of a pace car.

After the first session, it’s back in the classroom for more instruction.

Mikey gets strapped in and some final instructions prior to the second and final lapping session of Day 1.

A few quiet moments before firing up and launching.

Ready set go!

It was a cold drizzly day but durnig the last session, the track was fairly dry and the students were able to open it up a bit.

Nothing like action sports to challenge my photography skills! I’m generally a landscape photographer so shooting sports action photography is like a cyclist playing basketball!

I think by Day 3, I will have this action thing down! I’m going to need a different lens for this, I can see that right now!

Well, on Day 2, we woke up to freezing rain and cold temps. If you are following the national weather right now you will know that Texas is getting hammered. The driving school was postponed to sometime into the future so its back to Houston we go to avoid the winter storm coming overnight! To be continued……eventually!

One Reply to “Skip Barber Racing School – COTA, Austin Texas”

  1. Poor Mike – you had just enough of a taste to get totally hooked. The only good news is that if you use the intervening time to really absorb your lessons so far, you will be ahead of the curve at your next session.



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