McKinney Falls State Park, Austin, Texas

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I’m on a special three day mission here on the fringe of the Texas Hill Country. I’m also still trying to fight off the jet lag from our New Zealand trip.

Biking along the cliffs above Onion Creek.

It was a cold wet morning here in these parts. Yesterday, it was nearly 80 degrees when I pulled into my camp site and today, the high is supposed to be about 35 degrees. However, it did not detour me from shredding some single track, in this case, the Homestead Trail.

I had high expectations for checking out McKinney Falls, after all, any time you name a state park out of a waterfalls you should expect the shizzel!

Well, I’m guessing that after some big rains things might get more impressive…… As for now, I walked across the top to access the trails on the north side of the creek.

I was really wishing I had Ruby with me to pose for some shots. In a pinch, I called on my Spianchi.

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