Park Road 1C, Bastrop Texas

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Park Road 1C from Bastrop State Park to Buesher State Park…..11 miles of winding road! Yes Please!

I had read that there was a dam reconstruction going on in the park so the old water engineer in me had to check it out. Look at this!!! Its a thing of beauty!

Now back to the park road which connects two nearby parks using the back roads of Lost Pines Texas. Turns? Yup! Good Pavement? Check; Traffic? Nope! Fun?? Off the Charts!

Along the way, lots of rural gravel and paved road loop options. Good thing I brought my gravel bike.

More water! A beautiful riparian area along Alum Creek.

In Buesher State Park, a nice scenic overlook.

Another dam under conduction?!?!?!?! Today is a damed lucky day for me!

Now back to this amazing road.

Buesher State Park has a nice trail system open to mountain bikes…… gravel ones too!

Rolling quite butter pavement, gravel loops, and single track on an amazing 70 degree January day! Dave’s tail is wagging!

More singletrack!

Now back to home base using Park Road 1C.

This is South/East Texas backcountry!

Back in Bastrop State Park, I stop to take in the view at the highpoint view area.

Finally, it’s a twisting bobsled ride back to camp. Yeee Haww! Yippie ki yay!!!!!

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