Time for another uniquely Texas adventure, Padre Island! Padre Island is located near Corpus Christi and about a 4 to 5 hour drive from Houston. After a bit of a Nascar Race down Highway 59, the road into the National Seashore Park was empty.

It was quiet, calm, and warm, a wonderful contrast to the busy holiday traffic.

Dramatic clouds!

Same dramatic clouds, different focal length.

We found a nice camping spot on what turned out to be our own beach.

After sunset, the filtered light made for lots of pastels.

It was an amazing calm and warm evening on the beach, from what I can surmise, those conditions are a bit of a rarity here in December.

Filtered stars, clouds, the glow of Corpus Christi and also strange orange glows from what I am assuming are oil platforms in the gulf.

More Corpus Christi glows, we are only located a few miles from the southern boarder of the city.

One final image looking south. In the distance, the warm glow of our nearest neighbors.

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