Hill Country State Natural Area, Bandera, Texas

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After a little more than an hour drive, I arrived at my next camp spot. This particular State Park or Natural Area was much more remote that Lost Maples State Park. I’ve started to figure out this Texas State Park system and it seems that a “Park” is much more developed…. think paved roads and RV hookups and that “Nature Areas” are more primitive.”’ gravel roads and no RV hook ups. Since I am a fairly primitive fellow, in the future I will lean more into the Nature Areas! Besides being more primitive in nature, I had the entire park to myself.

I was alone here in the park partially because it was mid week in December and partially because the recent rains had closed all the trails….. bummer.

With the trails closed, I was forced to do some gravel grinding on the park roads, not too shabby other than some sloppy sections.

Wow, this was some pretty epic gravel riding, despite the occasional muddy section.

This park was a large ranch donated to the State of Texas back in the 70’s.

This is a beautiful and stunning piece of the Hill Country which as is largely preserved in its natural state.

Oh yes, I shall return here!

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