Lost Maples Nature Area, Vanderpool, Texas

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I woke up this morning to some rainy, misty weather. It’s transfer day so I spent some time preparing to move camp.

Needing to stretch my legs a little after yesterday’s road ride, I dawned the rain gear and headed up the Lost Maples West Trail.

Although it looks chilly, especially to those of y’all in Idaho, it was actually quite warm and muggy. In fact, this rain gear was drenching me in sweat. I finally took off the rain coat and just walked in the drizzle.

The colors and textures on this trail were amazing.

I ran into a couple of other photographers this morning and visited with them for a bit. They were more into micro photography, shooting leaves, rocks, sticks, etc. Something totally different than yours truly.

The trail works its way up one of the draws on Can Creek.

Ultimately, the trail uses the bottom of the drainage so it was quite moist and rocky….and slippery.

Time to head back and move on to the next Hill Country Adventure.

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