Ranch Road 337, Vanderpool to Leakey, Texas

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Time for a road ride! I have had my eye on some of the cycling routes here in the Hill Country for several years and I am just now getting around to giving them a try. This area was made famous 20 years ago as it was the training ground for Lance Armstrong who was based not far away in Austin.

This also happens to be very close to Texas Tim’s new house in Bandera. Tim reluctantly paid the $6 entry fee to the state park so he could park here. After grumbling for a while, I reminded him that the opportunity to appear on Davefaitlemonde.com is priceless!

We were off and rolling and soon came to our first hill of the day. This shot looks back down the climb and the valley we rolled across a few minutes earlier.

It’s hard to tell in the images but this climb had a bite! It was about 10 percent grade and definatly stung the legs.

Over the top and back down the other side. There were several of these climbs which were all about a mile or mile and a half long with about 500 to 700 feet of climb.

As we approached the village of Leakey, we crossed the Frio River which was stunning!

Texas Tim rolls through the sycamore trees in the Frio River riparian area.

Leakey was a very cool and remote Texas village. We found this coffee shop which is conveniently located right next to the gun shop! In fact, you walk through the door and realize it is the same shop. Tim and I checked out the expansive knife display while we waited for our coffees.

This was an out and back loop so back up over the hills we go. You can just make out Tim mid image on the right side.

I stoped to shoot the views behind us.

One final image as we drop back into Vanderpool. This was not a super long ride, only 42 miles but had plenty of climbing, nearly 3500 feet.

3 Replies to “Ranch Road 337, Vanderpool to Leakey, Texas”

  1. Did you feel safe riding on FM 337? It appears to be narrow shouldered for the majority. I am vacationing near Lost Maples in July and I am planning a 31 mile loop for morning rides that takes me to Utopia trying to stay along the Sabinal. I want to give myself the challenge of a small portion of the so-called Texas Alps.


    1. Geoff! The section of 337 we did from Vanderpool to Leakey was amazing! Very little traffic and very cool scenery. As I recall the chip seal was a little rough so I recommend a gravel bike. I can’t imagine doing it in July, that sounds hot! Let me know how it goes. I will defiantly be back to that area for more riding, it was fun. Cheers!


      1. Thanks for the info. Just so happens I ride a gravel/touring bike (Marin Four Corners). It’ll definitely be an early morning ride to beat the heat.


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