Lost Maples Nature Area, Vanderpool, Texas

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I’m taking a small break from the year in review and heading over to the Texas Hill Country. For y’all not from Texas, the Hill Country is the transition area between the American Southeast and the American Southwest. The late fall, winter and early spring are a wonderful time to visit. It offers great hiking, cycling, and mountain biking.

Along the river bottoms, a small trickle of water works its way downstream.

All the trees here are in some phase of transitioning to winter.

This section of trails crosses Can Creek several times.

I reached this small pond and it was time to climb up the hill.

I’m no tree expert but I believe the orange trees are your “Lost Maples”.

It was kind of a weird day…. it looked cold but was actually warm and muggy. Below, the pond from the image above.

This image shows the Sabinal River drainage. My camp spot is down there somewhere.

Cool branch over the trail. You can see the trail headed down into the drainage, it was quite rocky and a little slippery today with the misty weather.

Same branch different settings.

As I dropped back into the Sabinal River Drainage, some of the riparian trees were absolutely stunning.

The Grotto….

Sabinal River.

This is Monkey Rock…… As I walked through the woods toward the rock, I was wondering…… “How the heck does a rock in Texas get named Monkey Rock?”

More trees.

Some filters applied to this image actually give the gray sky some texture.

One final shot of the Maple Trail. Next up, a Hill Country Road Ride!

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