Black Mesa Nature Area – Oklahoma High Point, Kenton Oklahoma

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It’s tine to climb a new state high point. A short distance from my evening camp site, I rolled up to the Oklahoma High Point Trailhead. I started with a headlamp and just barely a hint of sunrise.

I hiked for about an hour wondering what the landscape was like around me.

After some relatively flat hiking, it was time to climb up the mesa.

As I reached the top of the mesa, Sunrise!!! This was a very cool moment in the still morning air.

On top of the mesa it was pretty dang flat…… I’m not going to call this a peak and it seems that “highpoint” is a better descriptor. Self portrait with my shadow, very long in the sunrise light.

After walking on top of the mesa for a goodly amount of time and wondering where the high spot would be, I could just make out an obelisk in the distance. FYI, the hill you see in the distance is actually in New Mexico. This high point is only about 1000 feet from the state line.

Thank God someone put a monument on this high point because I would never had been able to find it. Earlier this year I climbed Mount Whitney, the California highpoint and the highest point in the lower 48. In this moment I couldn’t help but think about the difference. The elevation, 4973′, its the 23rd highest state point.

Looking south into Texas, I took a moment and clutched my vial of John’s ashes, which by the way, I always have with me on any hike or adventure. I thought about how much he would have enjoyed this moment. Despite the lack of challenge to summit this high spot, he would have thoroughly enjoyed the magic of the outdoors.

Time to head back this time in the light of day! In all, this hike was about 8.5 miles and a total 700 feet of gain.

In the distance, trees along Carrizo Creek.

Down the trail a bit, Carrizo Creek a little bit closer

Some kinda sticker bush…..

Finally, back at the trailhead, this is what it looks like in the daytime. Another state high point for my buddy John!

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