Black Mesa State Park, Kenton, Oklahoma

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I’m still a little behind on my blog posts but hope to catch up over the next few days. It was time to drive back to Idaho for a few weeks of late fall or more likely early winter adventures. I have not made this drive for a few years and usually I try to make it up in 2 marathon driving days. Now, the journey is the destination….. mostly! After driving all day, I finally made it out of Texas and into the Oklahoma Panhandle, a place I have never been. I’m not looking to take the direct route to Idaho but pick off a couple adventures along the way. First stop, Black Mesa State Park, Kenton, Oklahoma.

This is a beautiful park in a super remote part of Oklahoma. This time of year, things are pretty quiet in these parts. I arrived at my camp spot, made some dinner then headed out for a little evening photography.

The fall colors, although not at peak, are starting to pop with the evening light.

This was my home for the night on the range, no buffalo spotted today.

This park advertises as a dark area so I was up in the night for a couple Milky Way images. It’s no Frank Church Wilderness but not too shabby. This tine of year, the galactic core is below the horizon so we are mostly looking outward. Do notice the Andromeda Galaxy. It is the smudgy looking spot just left of the Milky Way and center image. Small fact about the Andromeda Galaxy, it is headed directly at the Milky Way and will collide with us in about 4 to 5 billion years!

One last shot and back to the rolling man cave!

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