Idaho Trails Association – Highline Trail (Day 4), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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On the morning of day 4, it was time to pack up and relocate camp. We had about one more mile of trail work to finish this section, then we were going to set up a new base camp and work another section of the Highline Trail several miles to the south.

Before and after, rinse and repeat!

Right at about noon, we finished the trial work on this section and found a shady spot for lunch. It was nice to be done with the heavy trail work in the heat of the afternoon.

After lunch, we loaded the tools and marched on to our next camp spot. Our goal was to make it down to Frog Lake for camp and water.

We hadn’t had a water source since we left camp and in the heat of the day. We were all getting a little anxious for arrival at Frog Lake and a cool drink of water and perhaps a swim!!!

The views off the Highline Trail are amazing but it was all pretty exposed to the late afternoon sun.

To say Frog Lake was a disappointment was a bit of an understatement!

Just beyond the lake, we had an amazing view looking over the Frank Church Wilderness!

It was time to make a plan, the mud puddle that was Frog Lake was not an appealing opting for water and camping was possible but not desirable in the exposed burn.

It was a great spot for a group photo!

After about 20 minutes of formulating a new plan, we all agreed to move further down the ridge to Frog Pond and hope for better water and camping.

Off in the distance, the fire we had been watching all week seems to be cooking in the mid-day heat.

Finally, low on water and moral, we found an amazing camp spot in the trees right next to a crystal clear creek.

A little later, our trip leader Carl heads to the meadow and uses our satellite communicator to send a safe and sound message to the ITA home base and our mighty leader Mel.

After a couple days with only a small trickling water source it was nice to do some laundry, take a wilderness bath, and settle in for a comfortable evening.

More to come soon!

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