Idaho Trails Association – Highline Trail (Day 3), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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We awoke to a gorgeous morning and it was time for our first full day of work.

Yesterday, we had stashed the tools down the trail, we hiked back and the first log of the day was at hand.

Cut, hike, cut, hike. As you can see, parts of this trail offered job security for the future!

We knew it was going to be a hot day later, even here at nearly 8000′ of elevation so it was nice to work early in the day.

Brush! Before and after.

More brush and Craig set to work while Ann gladly walks by! Also a brush after image.

An interesting hole in the tree with the Rear Admiral framed inside…….

Lunch! Now it is getting hot.

Back to the cuts, before, during, and after.

Again, before and after.

At about 3:30, we called it a day, stashed the tools and started the hike back to camp. In the distance, a wildfire!

More coming soon!

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