Idaho Trails Association – Highline Trail (Day 2), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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On the morning of day 2, we woke up to frost and cold temperatures. Our camp was at a relatively low elevation and the cool air had settled along the creek. Tom was mumbling something about next time switching to his warmer fall sleeping bag.

After a hearty breakfast we loaded up and headed out to finish our hike up to the Highline Trail. Our packs were loaded with a week’s worth of supplies and our hands were full of trail maintenance tools.

Here, the crew is climbing up to the Highline Trail…..They don’t call it the Highline Trail for nothing, its on top of a long ridge.

Creek crossing!

Once on top of the ridge, the late summer wildflowers and colors were out.

After stashing the tools and putting in a long day backpacking and doing working trail….. we were finding it difficult to locate water and flat areas to camp.

About 7:00 pm, it all came together, a flat ridge and small trickling spring about 200 yards down the trail….. This will work and we were tired!

More to come!

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