Hee Lake Chronicles (Day 4), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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I hope you enjoyed the intermission of the Hee Lake Chronicles, I’m back!!!! Early morning on Day 4, Ruby finds a spot in the sun and enjoys a little solar bathing.

Day 4 was a peak bagging day, we headed out of camp and were soon enjoying the views climbing Lost Art Peak. I believe the peak center image is Fitsum Benchmark. See that climb from a few years ago here. Later today, we will drop into the saddle center image from the summit of Humdinger which is off image to the right.

On top of Lost Art’s shoulder, we enjoy views down a chute to Kathy’s Lake which we fished the day before. The peak on the ridge is Dog Slide Peak.

Same view without Tom.

The view looking down Loon Creek. You can just make out Loon Lake in the bottom.

Off to our left, Lost Art Peak above us and Ruby cooling off. She loves putting her tummy on the snow to cool off.

Behind us, Hee Lake and our next peak, Humdinger. We will descend Lost Art to the ridge on the right and head over to Humdinger.

At the summit of Lost Art Peak, Tom looks down on the world.

After a fairly hairy decent off Lost Art, we work our way across the ridge. Humdinger is getting closer.

Time for lunch, Ruby and Tom look down Loon Creek with Hee Lake below us. Center image is South Loon Peak which we climbed 2 days earlier.

At the top of Humdinger Peak, Tom carefully looks over the edge…. kinda takes your breath away!

Meanwhile, Ruby finds a place to cool off.

We decent the north ridge of Humdinger and look down on Hum Lake, in the distance, that looks like a shower…… hummm.

Further down the ridge, a great view of the Loon Creek drainage with South Loon Peak above and Haw Lake right below. You may have noticed that the series of lakes up here are called: Hee, Haw, Ho, and Hum. šŸ™‚

Tune in soon for the conclusion of the Hee Lake Chronicles!

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