Snowslide Peak, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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It has been an early summer tradition for us to start working our way up Lick Creek Road as the snow melts and gives us access. One of the first peaks accessible is Snowslide Peak. The earliest I could find record of John climbing it was on May 24th. This year, due to cold weather and late high country snow, it was June 15th. I believe that John had climbed this peak about 17 times.

On the early climb, Ruby stopped and wanted me to photograph here along Golden Creek.

After about an hour of climbing, we hit continuous snow and the dogs loved it!

At Golden Lake, some melting had occurred but with today’s cold morning, it had re-frozen. Our snow pack today was very firm…. Without crampons it made for a few pucker moments early on.

After a short break at the lake, we turned right and started pressing for the summit of Snowslide Peak.

At the ridge, Dakota takes in the view. Above Dakota and to her right is Mount Horrendous. We climbed that a few years ago, check that blog out here. It was quite an adventure and well worth reliving!

As we worked our way up the ridge, a glance behind us provided a great view of Platt Peak.

A little bit later it was the first clear view of our objective for the day, Snowslide Peak. Off the right shoulder is Sawtooth Peak which we hope to get to later this summer. As you can see from the tracks, Ruby and Dakota knew what we were doing. Below the summit you might get an idea of how this peak got its name.

Pressing on up the ridge.

At the summit, Craig checks his watch making sure we were staying on schedule!

Views from the summit, click on the images if you want a full screen shot. It was an amazingly beautiful day!

Ruby standing near the summit with Platt Peak in the foreground just to her left. We are about 200 feet higher than Platt Peak. I think this is the 6th time she has climbed this peak. It is funny that she does exactly what we do, stand in awe of the view. She spent about 5 minutes there just soaking it in!

Sitting near the summit block, it was time for lunch, Sawtooth peak sits just behind Tom and other peaks stretch as far as the eye can see.

Craig carefully peeks over the edge and looks down on Snowslide Lake….. not going to be fly fishing there for a while!

Time to head back down.

One more image of Platt Peak with Golden Lake Peak on the right side.

Finally, back down at the lake, Tom dared Craig to walk out to this island. A quick check of his watch to make sure time allowed and off he went…… he made it safely out and back!

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