I’m currently back in Texas but need to catch up on a couple blogs from Greece. We spend the day on Thirasia Island so we needed to cross this stretch of sea. It was a windy morning so a bumpy ride was in order.

A quick look north and you can see the rollers on the sea. This 15 minute boat ride was going to be fun!

As we depart, we had a nice view of the village Oia. Notice the stairs zigging up on the right side…. more to come on those!

After 15 minutes of heavy seas, nobody fed the seagulls and we arrived safely on Thirasia. I’m liking the clouds today as it makes for interesting skies and light.

The island of Thera offered a vastly different experience than the main island as it was far off the beaten and touristic path. A small small and quiet fishing village is much more my speed!!

This wheel borrow is returning to Mother Earth, well, all but for the handle grips.

Quiet roads and a “peaceful” breeze made for a nice walk.

They don’t call our tour company Backroads for nothing! Thank you for getting us away from the tourists!

One of the several churches that dot this small island. The people here must be sinners as I think the church to population ratio is about 1 to 20!

Our peaceful country road transitioned to a small path.

Some shots of Nicole, Morgane, and Katy, our guides for the day.

This was the view looking towards the South near the end of the island.

At the south tip of the island, shocker, another church, this one called Iera Moni Kimisis Theotokou.

From the church’s courtyard, nice views.

After lunch, we hiked back to the village of Manolas and then down below to the port at Ormos Korfou to catch our boat ride back to the main island.

Remember these steps from the previous post? Down we go!

As we head out on our boat shuttle, we get a nice view of our steps down to the water.

Back in Oia and we bagged the shuttle ride back to the hotel because my Nicole said we had to climb those steps!

A view partially from up the hill looking back down at the small port.

Someone said there were 500 steps but I lost count.

More action to come from Santorini very soon!!!

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