Plaka to Santorini, Greece

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I took a little break from the blogs as it has been a little hectic so we are looking back now a couple days….I am currently blogging from Athens. I however, have not taken a break from photography so more blogs to come!

It is time to move on from Crete so we headed down to the port and loaded the “SeaJet”.

This boat literally flys on the water so I needed to shoot my outside photography before we shoved off.

So long Crete!

Zoom Zoom!

In Santorini, the overhead announcement said “Get off” in Greek and we were pushed off like a heard of cows. Literally 5 minutes later they were gone.

A shuttle ride to the top of the Caldera and we had amazing views. A Caldera is the inside of a volcano which has blown its top. We were on the top of a ring island which was once the side of the volcano. In the middle, on the other side of the cruise ship is a new lava dome building.

Off in the distance, the island of Theirasia, the other side of the Caldera. More on Teirasia in the next blog as we will visit this island. The snow caped saddle is actually the village on the island and the white zig zag down we will learn tomorrow is a walkway to the port.

After lunch, we started the 6 mile hike to the end of our island and the town of Finikia.

Again, the snow capped peaks are actually white houses. Apparently painting your house white is the law. Finikia and our destination is on the left.

Slightly out of sequence is a lunch view photo.

Our hike will take us basically along this ridge.

Flower, singular. Finikia in the distance.

Flowers, plural.

A conveniently located church in case we sin along the way.

On the right side is the lower slope of the ancient volcano as it gradually slopes to the sea, on the left, the cliffs from the volcano explosion. Imagine a volcano shape going off to the upper right corner of the image.

In the distance on top, the village where we started.

Some of us opted for the “Donkey Boost” up one of the hills. I know only the first one is a donkey but that is what they call them here.

Up and over, western style!

Again, looking back. We started our hike above the cruise ships. Imagine the volcano going up and out of the image on the upper right. BOOM! The eruption happened about 3500 years ago.

Finally, 6 miles later, we arrive at our destination. More coming soon!

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