Frankfurt, Germany – Day 1

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After traveling for a goodly amount of time, we arrived in Frankfurt, a city and country which I have never visited nor blogged.

The River Main.

One of the first stops of course was for beer and classic German sausage! After this is was a trip to the coffee shop to fight off the effects of the lunch, beer, and jet lag!

Along the way, we passed this cafe which we heard was pretty yummy. I think tomorrows breakfast here might be in order. I really feel like the emphasis on this cafe name is the “AND”. Sure, you can find fucking good coffee “or” bagels anywhere but rarely together!

Some Frankfurt architecture….

Frankfurt fountains and a Frankfurt pigeon.

Eiserner Steg which must mean foot bridge in German.

I never quite get the European tourist obsession with locks on a bridge…..

Frankfurt is a very modern and beautiful city. More to come soon!

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