Idaho Trails Association – Sheep Creek (Day 3), Gospel Hump Wilderness, Idaho

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Day 3 of our expedition was pretty easy, my teams’ job was to walk up the Sheep Creek Trail a couple kilometers and fix a giant hole in the trail. Below, John is inspecting the hole left by a root ball and tree that had fallen just below the trail. In doing so, it had pulled away much of the trail. On this steep slope, we would need to build a rock wall to restore the tread. Complicating the entire project was the pouring rain.

Due to the rain, the camera spent most of the day in my bag, however, I did snap this image of the completed wall and restored tread. It took about 3 hours and required a bunch of rock haulin! Notice the forest floor around the project is devoid of rocks!

Luckily, back at camp we had an extra tent with wood stove to get things dried out. The tent on the right is the cook tent and the tent on the left is the dining hall. Deluxe accommodations of which I am not used to on most of my ITA trips!

Looking down river it was clear the rain would continue.

After a hearty dinner, it was off to bed early. This is the view laying in my tent with the rain bouncing off my tent walls. After a full day of rain, everything was feeling a little damp and uncomfortable. We are having fun now!!!

More exciting episodes to come, up next “The Adventures of the Boat People!”

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