Idaho Trails Association – Sheep Creek (Day 2), Gospel Hump Wilderness, Idaho

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On day 2, I hauled my sore bones out of bed and prepped for our first full work day. We had twenty total people on this trip and we be broke into 4 crews. I skillfully placed myself into what I received would be the easiest of the 4 teams although none were that easy!

We started our 3 mile commuted up Sheep Creek to the start of our work section. Tom and Joe were to be my ITA models for the day…. a far cry from the three ITA models I had yesterday!

Sheep Creek has an amazing ribbon of trail running up the drainage.

Two of the four teams working their way further up Sheep Creek. The other two teams were working up the Main River from Base Camp along the Shep Trail.

Once we reached the intersection of the Sheep Creek Trail and the Johnson Saddle Trail, the two teams took a break and parted ways for the day.

Of course you always have at least one guy laying down on the job!

Here is a classic example of before and after.

Tom and Joe were taking a moment to size up this section of downfall.

Finally we reached one of the last logs on our section which we later affectionally named the “Burnt Log”. It was late in the day and one of the most complicated cuts we did all week. We opted to leave it for later in the week when we had more and bigger tools. As it turned out, we walked over the stupid thing 100 times it seemed and ended up cutting it out on the last day.

We finnished the short commute back to camp where we enjoyed a warm meal prepared by our camp cooks, Cindy Lopper and Polly.

More exciting drama coming ahead in Day 3, y’all come back soon!

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