Rapid River, Idaho County, Idaho

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We finally had a slight break in our continuous spring storm and I was itching to get out of the winter weather. An hour’s drive down into the Salomon River Canyon results in dropping below the snow line. The elevation in McCall is around 5000 feet, here at this trailhead, it’s about 2000 feet. Rapid River has a beautiful ribbon of trail into a tight feeder canyon of the Salmon River. This image was actually shot on the way home but it shows how close the snow line is to the bottom of the canyon. It also shows that our spring storm is not quite finished!

Upon arrival at the trailhead, it was cold but at least it looked springlike! Good enough for me!

The view looking back towards Patrick Butte as we started up the trail.

The rock formations along the first section of trail were magnificent. Ahead in the trail, you can just make out Ruby. On my way out of McCall, I swung by and pick her up for a Ruby-Uncle Dave Day!

The early morning light makes for challenging contrast this deep in the canyon. Luckily, we have the technology to adjust!

On one of the many corners of the canyon, Ruby knew what to do! It was quite cold in the shade so we did a quick shoot and headed for that sunshine!

More challenging contrast.

Ruby showing off her blue medallion.

This is what we call “First Bridge” because, you guessed it, its the first bridge!

There were plenty of chances for Ruby to scan the canyon.

Finally, on the way out, a perfectly placed cloud. Also notice the higher sun angle later in the day took away many of the challenging shadows…… not to mention it felt much warmer!

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