Rodeo Houston! Houston, Texas

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This weekend, I headed over to the world’s largest rodeo here in Houston.

As you roll up to the NRG arena, you get a great view of the old Astrodome. The Astrodome was build in the mid 1960’s and was considered the 8th wonder of the world….. It was the first multipurpose covered stadium in the world and was the first major sports stadium to have artificial turf or what became known as “astro-turf’, named for the Houston Astro’s baseball team. As you can see it is now dwarfed by the new NRG stadium where the Houston Texas’s football team plays. It is also home to Rodeo Houston. As for now, the Astrodome is unused except for storing the dirt used for the rodeo.

Lots of people! Lots and lots!

Now that is a Rodeo! As an actual one time real cowboy, I saw lots of cowboy hats and cowboy boots but not many real cowboys!

Some of the events include steer wrestling and mutton bustin. As far as I can tell, mutton bustin is a sport which punishes very young kids for being naughty!

I called this the Poop Zamboni….

The most interesting thing for me, as you might guess, was the official event photographer who at one point set up right in front of me.

Hopefully she was having better luck shooting in the low light with her camera than I was shooting with my phone!

Finally, this guy came out with his band and played a concert…. Apparently he is famous, I wasn’t sure as country music is not really my bag baby! I do have to admit, he was pretty good and it surprised me when he sang Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher”…..

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