Hells Gate State Park – Lewiston, Idaho

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I’m transitioning back to Texas for a little warm weather and maybe some golf…. I normally fly out of Lewiston so it was time to contact my Lewiston dwelling amigo, Bird, and go for a ride!

Our usually meet up spot is at the canoe sculpture……yes, that is a sculpture made out of canoes!

We headed off for something a little different, gravel bikes in Hells Gate State Park.

I normally avoid Hell’s Gate State Park as the Tribulus terrestris problem is off the charts….. don’t know what Tribulus Terrestris are? Click here: goathead!

Bird assured me that he would repair any flats so we pressed on. Across the river, the village of Asotin.

I have been riding my bike here since 1997 and never knew about this trail…. it was amazing! It ran just above the water level and right along the Snake River.

I’m sure this type of lava formation has a name. Not sure what it is, but it looks cool!

Steed and barbwire.

The Snake River at the exit of Hells Canyon.

Barbwire, no steed.

His nickname is Bird because he looks a little like Chris Froome on a bike…. he also rides like the wind like Chris as well!

I love Idaho!!!

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