2021 Year in Review – June – Chamberlain Creek, Franck Church Wilderness, Idaho

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The month of June this year netted a large cache of images. Below are few of my favorites….. First, an overflowing Boulder Lake, 2) Our trip leader John doing trip leader stuff, 3) A self portrait in Tommy’s sunglasses, 4) Another John photo plotting down the trail, 5) The Milky Way over the Chamberlain Basin Guard Station, 6) Stunning light on Beaverdam Peak 7) The final runner up image made the cover of the 2022 Ruby Calendar, Ruby scanning the basin on The Beast.

The image of the month came on the last work day on our Idaho Trails Association work trip to Chamberlain Creek. The crew was tired, dirty, sore, and hungry after 5 days of cutting out Giant Ponderosa Pines. We sat for lunch and not much was said but we enjoyed the moment and each other’s company. I think this image captures the moment pretty well. It also helps that these are some of my favorite people in the world! Check out that trip report here. You might notice that several runner up images from above were all in that same blog. I greatly appreciated these guys allowing me to document the expedition. I’m pretty sure we will all be out there again this year doing the same thing.

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