Faire du velo, North Houston, Texas

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I was out on a rare hard Friday bike ride with a few of my Texas friends.

Kenny, the guy on the far left was shaming me all week into join them on this 110 mile adventure into an area of which I had never ridden….. Since I rarely ride this long distance, Ken promised a civilized ride…..How bad could it be? This is the short version!

Well, I’m not sure how civilized it was, but adventurous, yes! About 40 miles in, we encountered this abandon bridge which we crossed full steam ahead. Half way across, we figured out why it had been abandon. Abi, the guy on the far right above had done this ride before and was leading the charge so of course we were all lined out behind. The closer we got, the taller this step up appeared….. Turns out it was about a 5″ bunny hop. Unfortunately, Adi miss-timed the hop and ended up with a snake bite puncture and an Uber ride home…..

It was a full team effort attempting to get him rolling again.

I took the opportunity to document the moment.

I didn’t get many other opportunities to shoot photographs as I was in survival mode. We promoted Doug as our ride leader and rolled on. The ride turned out to be over 7 hours in the saddle and right at 125 miles from my house…. I’m tired today!

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