Le Gard D181, Pompignan, France

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After a careful study of the regional map, I concluded that with the few years of visiting this region, I have now completed many of the close in routes around Lauret. There are of course a few long loop which I still need to do, but for the most part, I have ridden all the local roads and many of the areas all around Lauret at least within a reasonable day’s ride. The one glaring omission was the D181 north out of Pompignan.

Before I get to the D181, I needed to climb out of Lauret and ride the 10ish k ride to Pompignan. Another cool crisp glorious morning!

I will throw in this view of Pompignan although regular followers of my blog have seen it a few tines before….

The D181 goes through Pompignan, I hung a right and went up north to the section I had never done. Take a left here and you go up an incredible climb, one I have done more than once and plan to do again on my way home!

Headed north.

The plan today, do an out and back to the end of the D181 which is not too terribly far, flip it back to Pompignan and go finish with the south part of the D181. Right off the bat, incredible light in the vineyards.

This part of the D181 seemed quite wide and designed for more traffic……but there was none except for a few cyclist.

Further confirmation I am on the D181.

After a goodly amount of peddling, I came upon…….the rail to trail!!! Remember this ride from a few days ago? Click here.

I passed under the rail to trail, tagged the end of the D181, then came back and rode the trail to Hippolyte-du-Fort…..my out and back just became a lolly pop. I took no additional photos of the rail to trail other than this super cool view as you emerge from the tunnel.

Finally, back on the D181 south of Pompignan.

Here is a shot on the decent side of the D181 where it ends in Ferrieres-les-Verreries. A quick additional loop down through Claret and my out and back became a figure 8!

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