Rocher du Causse, Lauret, France

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Today was a bit of an administrative day for me. I’m settling into my apartment and after 2 weeks and was able to fully unpack my bags and spread stuff out a bit. First on the agenda, get the the supermarket and get some groceries…. It was a cold morning and about an 8 kilometer ride to the market…. on the way, wow was that a sunrise. This is the best I could do with it on my iPhone.

Around noon, I was able to start thinking about something fun. I decided on a big hiking loop to Le Rocher du Causse. This is the big rock above Lauret and will end up being about a 3.5 hour hike. Along the way, I needed to walk along some of the local roads. It is Sunday morning today and I have seen tons of cyclists out getting in their weekend rides.

Also long the way, vineyards turning fall colors.

This is Rocher du Causse as viewed from Lauret. Not that impressive par photo but quite a sight in person. It’s about 1000 feet above the village. In Platt terms, it’s one table rock unit in height.

Along today’s route are, guess what….old ruins. This appears to be some sort of structure near a natural spring.

It appears that I have chosen the indirect route as Le Rocher is not getting any closer.

As I wrap around the mountain on the indirect route, I get an amazing view of Claret looking to the north.

Same view but higher up the mountain.

This is a pretty extreme digital blow up of the horizon. You can just make out Mt. Ventoux in the hazy distance. It’s about 70 miles to Mt. Ventoux from here but you can still just make it out….sort of.

More random scenery. The photo on the right shows the trail I was coming up.

As I hike for a goodly amount of time, I finally round the corner and get a view of Lauret. That is the Mediterranean Sea in the far distance. It’s about 20 miles from here to the Sea.

As I roll up and down the ridge, that is my high point getting closer.

Finally, on top, you guessed it, ancient ruins! These are really old, about 2000 years. That is Pic St. Loup in the distance. Just to the left of Pic St. Loup and a touch closer is Col De Fambetou. Without John here it’s up to me to play NCP. (Nom Cette Pic). Luckily, I have learned from the best and I can just make shit up if I don’t know and in French it sounds pretty good.

Mediterranean Sea in the distance.

Different view of Lauret.

Pic St. Loup avec arbre de color.

Down below, L’Arberge du Cedre, the home of my apartment.

Same shot lower down the decent. You might notice the sun rays below the clouds. Those are called Cerpuscular Rays. There were tons of Cerpuscular Rays here in Southern France today. I tell people that the light here is just different, and it really is.

French Vineyard with more rays.

Unpacking done, check; Shopping done, check; Hiking done, check; Blog done, check; So what’s next? Dave SMAAAAAASHHH three times SMAAAAAASSSHHHH! Smash, Smash, Smash!!!! You had to be there…..

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