St. Guilhem to Lauret, France

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It’s time to go home folks! Heading to Lauret today! I’m finishing a mini tour of this region and managed to ride some of my favorite roads. Now it’s time to settle in for a couple weeks of French total immersion!

More moon pictures!

The River Herault, different veiw.

I have ridden past this castle many times now and every time I do, you see it on the blog…. spectacular! You might see it again on this trip! For the record, it’s the Chateau de Villarel.

I ran into these guys on the Pont de Saint-Etienne d’lssensac, a bridge you have seen before on Davefaitlemonde. I am wanting to meet a few old bike racers here and hopefully start riding the local rides. I quickly introduced myself and asked where they were from. With my broken French, I think they said near Avignon which is a good piece from here…. They were all quite friendly except he guy in the orange jersey who was not particularly excited about being photographed…. I’m going to call him Mike. Mike seemed to be the de facto leader, the guy who picks every ride and gets a little irritated at just about everything…. Mike did not want his picture taken with the fall colors in the background. However, Mike did have a sweet bike and I am guessing he owns one of the bike shops near his hometown. They seemed to be completing ride “A”, one they have done many times….. I bid them farewell and went the opposite direction…… (PS. I gave them a card and hopefully they contact me the next time they travel though Lauret.)

Mike’s bike…..pretty sweet! Even Fabian would be jealous!

This is Redleg’s bike….. pretty sweet custom Mont Ventoux edition…. I’m guessing super light!

Bon voyage mon nouvelles amies!

One last shot of the River Herault before climbing up to Lauret.

I’m assuming French donkeys since I photographed them here.

Port des arbres near the top of today’s last climb.

Pic St. Loup, getting closer….. by the way it is pronounce “Pick Sa Lou” in English.

More cool road shots, sorry Tom!

Finally, looking down on Lauret, (pronounced “Loray” in English). You can just make out my apartment mid image.

This is the road that started my love affair with Lauret, its a few kilometers of heaven down to the village…. it has a centerline but is only one car wide….. that means it is for bikes!

Not today though!!!!! I went out the ridge another few clicks and went down another decent into Saint-Mathiew-de-Treviers for lunch. Yes, that is the Mediterranean Sea in the distance….

Views…..Pas Mal!

Autumn vineyards in the South of France!

Pic St. Loup…..its bigger than it looks! Like peaks in the PNF, it is cliffy on one side and a walk up on the other!

Every time I ride by this plus sign in Valfaumes, it gets photographed!

Finally, after lunch in Saint-Mathiew-de-Treviers, I am home!!!!!!

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