Milky Way (Take Two), Lake Payette, Idaho

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I have had last night’s date circled for a while and had hoped that the moon, stars, and sun were going to line up for me to set up some Star Shootin! I headed out about 1:30 am to a couple of my favorite photography spots on Lake Payette and was not disappointed!

As you can see, the conditions were ideal!!! In this one, I’m not sure what the green light on the right is (In fact, I never even noticed it out there it wasn’t until I downloaded the image that it poped out.) but the red light on the left is a car moving slowly along the lake.

In the distance, that is the glow of downtown McCall. The bright object mid screen is probably a planet, I’m not sure which one.

The dark splotches in the Milky Way are dust clouds within the galaxy. The galactic dust clouds block out the stars behind them.

Nearly the same image with a little different adjustment on the color “temperature”.

Now time for some foreground imagery! A tree….

Some rocks…… (also noticed the shooting star)

Trees and a beach!

A magical evening!

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