Nick Lake and Nick Peak (Day Two), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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On day two of our Nick trip, we woke up to fairly clear skies with just enough smoke and haze to make for interesting and quickly changing light. Check out John’s Trip Report here.

Back in camp, Ruby was fired up and playing stick…. the low light and slow shutter speed captured her enthusiasm!

Now back to the sunrise!

Ruby gets in the action.

Amazing difference in lighting!

Time to go to work, our route home takes us up and over this saddle. But first, we dropped our full packs here and took a right turn to Upper Nick Lake and then Nick Peak.

Upper Nick Lake was a wierd but beautiful bathtub lake. No possible way there are fish in there!

At the summit, looking back towards Nick Lake. If you look carefully, you can see both the Lower and Upper Nick Lakes as well. In the distance, Southfork of the Salmon River and smoke from the Dixie Fire.

Looking back the other direction you can see Payette Lake and downtown McCall. With line of sight to civilization, I briefly had cell service and sent a quick text and picture to my buddy Tom. A day earlier, Tom choose not to join us but instead wanted to stay at home and work on some personal issues. On the whole, I believe he missed out!

I wanted to work down the mountain a bit and shoot some addition photos. I slipped away and don’t think John notice as he stayed on the peak for a while playing Name That Peak all by himself……. Even Ruby was outta there! (Lower right of the image).

Nick Lake.

One final image of a snag above Upper Nick Lake.

A great but short trip to a very interesting area. We all agreed that it needed to be longer!

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