McCall Gravel Ride, Idaho

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This time of year I frequently head up Lick Creek Road. It’s a road that leads straight into these mountains and goes over a remote pass. It’s generally about the 4th of July before you can reach the top but around late May, it opens up enough to get fairly deep into the mountains.

One of the significant landmarks is the bridge at the East Fork of the Lake Fork Trailhead. This bridge however crosses the Main Lake Fork.

Next up, Slickrock, a climber’s paradise!

Finally, a bit after Slickrock and about 11 miles from my house….. Snow! Depending on the type of vehicle you have, tires, and driving skill, it is possible to get farther in your car, but generally not a lot further as the road climbs steeply from here. John and I call this a millennial trap as it isn’t that uncommon to find young people stuck because they had neither the vehicle, tires, or driving skills! It is an important life lesson that all young drivers need to learn, getting your car unstuck. No cell service here, it is a do-it-yourself job!

I flipped around and headed down to Ponderosa Park where fresh pavement awaited my steed and I!

It’s flower season in these lower elevations around McCall.

It is also controlled burn season. Apparently Bear Basin is getting a little fire cleanup.

Finally, a great view of Jughandle Mountain, it was about this time year two years ago that we climbed Jughandle Mountain, check that report out here:

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