Idaho Trails Association Crew Leader College

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Regular followers of my blog know that I have become increasingly more active in the Idaho Trail’s Association and participate in several of their projects each year. If you are a hiker or love the outdoors, I encourage you to visit their web site and participate in their programs in whatever way you can, even if it is just to become an annual member. (Annual dues are $25)

A more experienced group of outdoorsman you will not find!

Here we are analyzing the crap out of this tree across the trail.

The more time you spend studying the downfall, the safer it is to cut.

How good are these guys? Watch this, faster than a chainsaw!

On to the next obstacle!

This saw is as sharp as a razor blade!

Tom, the CEO of the ITA, describes the nature of the next cut….. You can tell Tom is a great leader by how well his followers are paying attention! I hope that I know Tom well enough to take a shot like that, if not, I could be fired!

Its like a county road crew…… one guy working and 6 watching!



I refer to these two guys as “The Bickersons”. They have known each other for over 50 years and it seems as though they have never agreed on anything. I’m surprised they agreed on who would go first!

40 Mile Stew!!!! This is a famous backcountry dish know for whatever food is left after 40 trail miles goes in the pot!

Tools of the trade.

Thanks everyone at the ITA! It was an incredibly fun and knowledgeable group and I learned something from everyone!

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