Cycling Camp – Rain Day, Greenville, South Carolina

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Today, we woke up to a total rain washout so instead of heading out for a big long ride, I hit the hotel gym then grabbed the camera for a little town photography.

Feels like spring here, a warm relentless rain.

Waterfalls on the Reedy River.

Later in the day, the water flow increased and turned brown…

Finally, about 6:00 in the evening, the rain broke and I was able to get out for some low light photography.

Apparently this pedestrian bridge is a bit of an icon here, you see images of it everywhere, even here on

A silky river.

Finally, up on the hotel rooftop.

One thing about this part of the world, there is no lack of churches to photograph.

After what turned into mostly a rest day, we are set for 4 straight days of hard riding. Up next Caesar’s Head!

2 Replies to “Cycling Camp – Rain Day, Greenville, South Carolina”

  1. Hello Dave, my husband and I ran into you as you were taking pictures on the rooftop bar and you handed us your card. Thank you for sharing! Really enjoyed looking through photographs of some of your adventures. Safe travels.


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