Payette Lake Stick Walk, McCall, Idaho

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With some friends in town, it was time for another stick walk on the lake. Bill, Barb, Susan, Tom, John, Ruby, Finn and I headed out between a couple of snow showers. It has been snowing off and on….. mostly on, for about 10 days and the going was difficult.

We wanted to get around the point then head back through the woods but deep powder had us cut off the adventure early. The snow right now is bottomless! Without skis or snowshoes you sink right to the crotch and high center!

Dramatic skies and bright clothing! Words and images can’t relate the peace and quiet of the winter setting!

Center image you can just make out Payette Point which we climbed a couple days ago.

Looking south at Pilgrims Cove. My house sits down there somewhere center image so if you follow this blog, you have seen this view looking north many times. (Hint: Tune in tomorrow and see another one!)

Ruby working hard in the deep snow to show off her modeling skills and also her swimming skills!

Ruby, being the savvy hiker, knows to stay in the back where the route has been packed in. Occasionally, she goes to the front just to check in with everybody. The last person yells “coming through!”, we all split our legs for her to pass.

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