Snowdon Point, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Today, Craig, John, Dakota, Ruby and I headed out for one of our local favorite winter hikes in the mountains near McCall. It was a good day to indulge in some serious photography…. well, serious for me. This is a fun local hike which I have done a few times before, here are some previous trip reports. It interesting to see this hike during different times of the year:

Here is a link to John’s trip report:

Nice snow mushrooms!

Dakota is a young pup and is constantly on the move! In a rare moment, I caught her taking a break!

Dakota is Ruby’s best friend and they love to “Roughhouse”…. you might say they play ruff!

Recent warm temperatures and a rain storm a few days ago made for interesting ice structures.

I was playing the role of expedition photographer so was not required to take time at the front breaking trail. We made Craig do that on the hardest spots!

A shot looking up the Lake Fork Creek Drainage.

Of course Ruby insisted on a photo shoot!

Here is the top of Snowdon Point, across the way is another cool hike, Jigsaw and Little Payette Lake below it. This link shows Snowdon Point looking back from Jigsaw:

Finally, on the way back out, John immediately recognized the spot where I had taken one of my all time favorite photos. We of course had to do a reenactment!

Here is that photo from two years ago. It was a different lens and much different sky……and I think John’s butt is smaller now! Either that or his pack is bigger!

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