Cruickshank Reservoir, Valley County, Idaho

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It’s time for what has become our annual trip to Cruickshank Reservoir. Tom, John, Bird, Craig, Susan, Ruby, Dakota and I headed out on this bluebird day. It’s a hike that Tom and Susan do frequently since it starts in their back yard. Here is last year’s post, notice how different the conditions were.

The conditions were a little challenging since we have had about 2 feet of new snow this week.

Hiking in conditions like this is just like a group ride into a headwind. Each one of us takes a turn at the front breaking trail and the others fall closely behind.

Of course as a veteran cyclist, I figure out a way to stay in the back where the hiking is easy….. Someone has to document the adventure!

You think that either John or Tom being my best friends would come back and check on me….. but no, the only one checking on me was Ruby. Tom and John, also being veteran cyclists, hiked faster when they saw someone off the back!

Cruickshank Reservoir crisscrossed with snowmobile tracks. It was so peaceful there!

Hiking back was much easier on our broken trail.

In conditions like this, you better have sunscreen on any exposed skin!


2 Replies to “Cruickshank Reservoir, Valley County, Idaho”

  1. Nice! Actually Dave, when I noticed you were off the back I signaled for the team car to check on you but it was nowhere to be found.


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