Editor’s Choice – 2020

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Perhaps a choice you my not have expected from someone who shoots mostly mountains and bike tour pictures from around the world! Well, 2020 was an unusual year!

I love this long exposure image which I shot in March of this pedestrian bridge. There are several things going on here….. the runners crossing the bridge with head lamps, the car passing behind the bridge with the red tail lights, the starburst on the street lamp in the water and the lines of the bridge itself. Everything is duplicated in the near perfect reflection. A quick note here on long exposure low light photography: Anything moving in this type of exposure which is not well lighted tends to disappear. That’s why you can’t actually see the runners or the car but you can see the intense light from their head lamps and car tail lights. It is a super cool trick which I have used before. Check out the plaza image in this post from Montpellier France, it was a crowded plaza and only the people who where standing around showed up in the image. They are blurry since even people standing still move just a bit over the 20 or 30 second exposure:


Check out the original bridge post here: https://davefaitlemonde.com/2020/03/25/bridge-over-lake-woodlands-spring-texas/

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I look forward to some actual Fait le Monde in 2021!

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