Bridge over Lake Woodlands, Spring, Texas

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I have been riding my bike past this bridge for the last couple years and each time I tell myself “this would be a great subject for a photo shoot”. Today, I rallied early and after a big cup of coffee, I headed out and arrived about an hour before sunrise.

Here is a very log exposure image taken in the middle of the road. Normally, this road would be busy with early morning commuters.

Close up of the bridge…..

Now a shot from the bridge…..

Of the bridge from the bridge…..

From the end of the bridge….. (notice the headlight on the road just to the left)

Light effects created from a pair of runners with headlamps…..

Same image with a different framing, you can see more details like the reflection of the car lights in the water and the tail lights behind the bridge.

Same bridge, more light….

Self portrait waiting for a sunrise…..

How about a bridge framed in shrubbery? It is good shrubbery, I must find more!

Focus on the shrubbery…… nee nee nee!

Last image of the shoot with much more light.

In all, about an hour and a half shooting around this bridge.

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