August 2017 – The Crestline Trail, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Looking back at a ride I did in August of 2017 with my friends Tom and Andy.

This is actually what I would consider a McCall classic which I didn’t realize until today that it has been over 3 years since I last rode. Better put that on the 2021 to do list!

More stream crossings!

This ride is only about 30 miles but takes about 6 hour. It is brutal going at times but takes you to some of the highest ridges just outside McCall. The window for this ride is quite small. It runs through some extensive burn areas and so it gets a lot of blown downfall over the winter. The motorcycle guys usually carry chain saws and get it cut out in July….. I have done it before the trail is cut out and it turns into a steeplechase. Also, many times the snow doesn’t melt from the highest elevations until….August! We did this ride on August 4th and here I am doing a mid summer snow angel!

Lots of August flowers in the high country!

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