Spring Creek Trail, Spring, Texas

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Yesterday was the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US so I decided to start the day off with a brisk ride with my Texas cycling friends….. most of which but the way, were not American and don’t really celebrate the holiday. To them, its just an extra day off work to go out and ride hard! Countries included in our group include, USA, Italy, Mexico, Scotland, and Finland.

We decided to head down to a route we almost never ride, The Spring Creek Trail. It was early Thanksgiving morning so we figured most people would not be out yet. We were not disappointed and had the trial all to ourselves! After a couple miles of brisk riding, we encounter a policeman blocking the trail exclaiming it was closed for the holiday. Without realizing it, we had crossed into Harris County, the county home of Houston. The COVID rules are much stricter here and they had closed all the parks. We were breaking the law! After a quick photo, with the cop by the way, we flipped it around and headed back to the much more recreation friendly grounds of our home, Montgomery County.

After a route around our hometown of The Woodlands, we ended up at Starbucks for a Thanksgiving cup of coffee. A great way to start of the holiday weekend!

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