Hi Y’all! As you all might expect, no France for me this year so it is directly back to my winter home here in Texas. After a summer full of hiking and backpacking, my Texas cycling buddies decided to test my bike legs….. We loaded up the Texas sedans and headed for the rolling hills of Austin!

We started at a park-nature area near downtown.

Right off the bat, it was full gas and I was hanging on for dear life……

After about an hour of intense 5 to 10 minute super hard hills, I pulled the pin and rolled back to the car. I was able to stop a couple times and shoot images of the Austin area, a very beautiful community along the Colorado River.

Notice the hint of fall in the trees.

The ride ended with a broken broken spoke and crushed pride, luckily, a Texas BBQ restaurant was nearby! Total ride for the day was about 25 miles with 2500 feet of climb!

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